If you are wondering what we are all about here is a bit of background history about us:

FortyFour Magazine is the creation of Design 44, a design team based in North Vancouver who are providing a voice for youth to express themselves.

As young people, we're exposed to media everywhere we look. Teenagers are propaganda magnets. We spend hours and hours every week as a captive audience for writers, producers and artists of our parents' generation. We're analyzed meticulously by behavioral consultants making top dollar to try and figure out what exactly we think, do, and feel. They're taking our words and feeding them back to us in hopes of catching our eye. It doesnt make sense that people twice our age are thinking up all of the media we see.

We're a forum and showcase for what we're really all about. We're here to give youth a voice; to enhance and divert from the learn, eat, chat, text, sleep, party, study, chill lifestyle we lead. We're here to promote issues relevant to us, explore new music, show off art done by people our age, and keep you in the know about what's happening here in Vancouver.

So read on and let us know what you think.